Thursday, July 12, 2012

You Really Should Get Skinny

Not that kind of skinny (who do you think I am?!). This kind of skinny:

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how The Skinny on Time Management influenced me to create an awesome, useful dry-erase to do list. Both "skinny" books are written by Jim Randel. His easy, interesting, to-the-point approach is fantastic. You can bet that you'll get through The Skinny on Willpower in under an hour! Now that's a book I can stand behind. 

I've never considered myself someone who considerably lacks willpower, but I have been pushing myself to be more productive, wake up earlier, and live with attainable goals in mind. This book was just the boost I needed. Randel writes about easy ways to increase willpower in order to accomplish goals and live the life you want to live! I highly recommend this book. Give it a shot!

Any other Jim Randel fans out there?

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