Monday, July 2, 2012

How To Create a Reusable To Do List

I recently finished reading The Skinny on Time Management by Jim Randel. It is a fantastic, easy one-hour read that definitely made me think about how I manage my time now, and how I would like to manage and spend it in the future. I highly recommend it!

Randel wrote this book after reading hundreds of books on time management; it is a compilation of all of the ideas and thoughts on the subject. Even though it seems so simple, Randel's main advice for managing time more effectively is to create a to do list every day. The reason behind it is that visually seeing what needs to be accomplished each day is a bigger incentive to actually do it than most people realize. He even urges list haters to give it a try...ah! I'm telling you too much. You need to read the book! It's awesome. (I also highly recommend The Skinny on Willpower by Jim Randel, blog post coming on that one!)

Being super type-A, I always create to do lists when I have a lot on my plate or feel stressed about completing everything. I had never thought about making a to do list every day regardless of the importance of the tasks I needed to complete, but I thought it was excellent advice, so I created a reusable dry-erase to do list that I can update daily.

I headed to Walmart and bought a few inexpensive supplies:

1. A standup sign holder, about $3

2.Scotch Reclosable Hook & Loop Fastener Squares, about $4 (I'll use them on other projects, so it was worth the money.)

3. A dry-erase marker, pack of two for $2

When I got back home, I created a to do list printable on the computer. I made sure to leave space at the top of it so that there would be room to put the pen! Here's what it looks like (you can download it if you'd like!...

Then, I assembled the whole thing. Here are the instructions if you'd like them:

1. Print out the to do list and slide it into the plastic holder.

2. Put the hook side of the velcro on the plastic (the rough side) and the loop side (the soft side) on the marker. That way it's comfortable when you write!

3. Velcro the dry-erase marker to your list...

4. Write what you need to do! And bask in the glory of your pretty new reusable list :)

How do you manage your time? Have you read any of Jim Randel's books?

Going to cross things off my list, 


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  2. I love this idea - thank you so much!!


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