Saturday, June 30, 2012

#10: Sleepy Eyes and a Sunrise

This morning, I headed home from vacation way early (like woke up at 5am and left at 6am early!). Even though my tired self was dragging and sleepy, I remembered to snap a few photos of the beautiful sunrise. Well, I was driving, so John took most of the photos, but the point is that they were taken as proof that I completed #10 on my Summer 2012 Wish List!

This is just an amazing shot, what with the window glare and the rear-view mirror...breathtaking, really. ;) (The sunrise is pretty!)

Clearly, it was early. I look like it's the first time I've seen a road and John is struggling to wake up.

If only the Kangaroo sign were a little to the left or the right... 

Although capturing a sunrise while flying down the highway at 70mph proved to be more than a little difficult, I'm pleased that I was up early enough to watch the sun a-risin'. Cross that one off the list!

Anyone else seen a beautiful sunrise lately? It's worth it!


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