Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here Are a Few of My...

Favorite things, of course! What did you think I was going to say? You may have noticed a brand spankin' new tab here on my blog. Or you may not have--either way, check it out! (I should tell you that if you click on it, you'll be redirected to another site. So hold your horses for a hot second and I'll explain!)

This little tab was born out of my unending love for I absolutely, positively, intensely LOVE Amazon. I purchase everything from Amazon, from toothpaste to textbooks to shampoo to sunglasses. I'm not kidding--I've purchased every single one of those things from Amazon in the past.

If you click on my "Favorite Things" tab, you'll be redirected to my Amazon Store, where you can see some of my favorite items that I've purchased from the site. So far, there are nine items (plus my Wish List, which are things that I haven't bought yet). Under each item is a little blurb as to why I love that item. Here's what you'll find...

One of the reasons why I buy nearly everything online is because I like reading reviews before I purchase an item. It gives me a peace of mind to know that I'm buying a product that has worked for other people.

Even while I always check online reviews before investing, I trust the opinions of my friends and family first. Because of that, I figured that maybe, just maybe, my thoughts on my favorite products would help someone else make a purchase decision! If not, I've enjoyed creating my little store.

Be sure to check back later! I will add more products and reviews.

Amazon love,

P.S.- If you check out my store, and decide you'd like to return to my blog, simply click "Blair Sunderland Blogs" at the bottom of the page.

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