Tuesday, June 26, 2012

#8: I'm Done Checkin' Them Out

...Done checking The Hunger Games trilogy out of the library that is! Crossing number eight off of my Summer 2012 Wish List, I definitely read a great book--er, books. That's right, folks. After months of fighting the Hunger Games obsession that was sweeping the nation, I gave in and read the trilogy cover to cover. And I have to admit--I'm glad I did.

Suzanne Collins, hats off to you! These books are appealing to any age from 9 to 99--but really! Currently, both my 82 year old grandmother and 10 year old cousin are reading the series and both are loving the books!

I saw the movie based on the first book, and thought it was very well done as well considering the breadth of information, details, and special effects needed to execute it. But back to the books.

I have to say, I enjoyed reading the first two books much more than the third. However, the third was necessary to tie up the trilogy and give readers some sense of closure. (Sounds like a bad break-up, doesn't it?)

If you haven't already read the books, I would recommend The Hunger Games. They're a great summer read and will stretch your imagination big time! There's another thing crossed off of my list!

Anyone read The Hunger Games? What'd you think?

Looking for another book to stick my nose in,

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