Young House Love
My first blog love. YHL follows John and Sherry Petersik, their daughter Clara, and their dog, Burger as they renovate their home and decorate it. They're quirky and hilarious and have awesome ideas!

A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp writes daily about the Lord's presence, His love, and His faithfulness. Often a tear-jerking read for me, but always extremely encouraging!

Bower Power
This blog never ceases to make me laugh! Katie Bower shares life's ups and downs with her husband Jeremy and their son Will. Her photography is awesome and her writing makes me smile.

Seth Godin's Blog
For the marketing major in me. Seth Godin has amazing insight into all things marketing, and posts daily. Often times, I am left thinking about what he wrote long after I read it. Good stuff!

iHeart Organizing
The author of this blog has completely jumped off of the organization deep end! And I love it. Jen Jones' tips on organization and storage are super helpful and easy peasy!

 --- And for some of my other blogs, which I love as well... ---

The [in]Significant Things
All about finding God's beauty in unexpected placed. Because the insignificant things are usually the most important after all...

A Spring in Spain
Follows me as I move to Seville, go through culture shock, adjust, go through more culture shock, and travel.