Monday, July 2, 2012

Closet Chronicles: Part 2

A few weeks ago, I blogged about cleaning up my too-small room here. I did make a dent in organizing my closet, but a small dent at that. The real problem with my closet was that I had too many clothes! All of my clothing was stuffed into the tiny closet with absolutely no rhyme or reason, making finding a piece extremely difficult, thus adding to the disorganization. Yesterday, I decided to change that! Here are some photos of my closet in its original disaster-zone glory...

Accessories like long necklaces and belts had random and dysfunctional homes, like a hanger or a tie hook.

So, I took everything out of the closet to begin. Then I sorted everything into two piles: keep and donate.

Here are my "keep" items,

and here are my "donate!"

When I put everything back into my closet this time, I made sure it was in a logical and organized manner. That way, I can easily keep it neat! And because I'm all about streamlining and simplifying, I'm going to track which pieces of clothing I actually wear so that I can donate those I don't. To do this, I did the old reverse-the-hangers on the rod trick.

The way this tricks work is that all hangers stay reversed until an article of clothing is worn.
Once it's worn, it's put back on the correct way. After a period of time (I'm doing three months), all of the clothes on hangers that are still reversed are donated to charity.

I used the tie rack for my long necklaces, belts, and a couple of summer scarves. Much more functional than that weighed-down hanger!

My hats were floating around randomly as well. I put two hooks on the wall and hung them up!

It feels great to de-clutter and simplify my closet. So much neater and more organized! Love it.

Part 3 of the Closet Chronicles coming soon ;),

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