Friday, July 13, 2012

{Video} Rearranging My Shelves

Since I cleaned up my room and got it in tip-top shape, I've hated the "WOOMP" sound effect that seems to resonate from my lame-o shelves empty shelves. So, naturally I decided to do something about it! Look how sad they were...

Michael's craft store is having a fantastic sale (seriously--get over there!), and that in combination with their 40% off coupons was a shelf redesign waiting to happen! I grabbed some fun decorative pieces from Michael's, like a candle, a glass bottle, a planter I used as a book holder, a couple of cute ceramic birds, and a small flower tin and got to work.

In the name of keeping it real (and super embarrassing), I made a short video as I rearranged my shelves. Just so you know, if you click "play" you are signing up for almost a minute of looking at my backside...

In all honesty, the shelves aren't quite perfect yet, but the rearrangement is definitely a huge improvement! I'll keep you posted if I change some things up on them. Here are some after photos:

Anyone else tweaking and retweaking decór?

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