Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Can YOU See All The Colors of the Rainbow?

Colorblindness runs thick in my family; both my maternal and paternal grandfathers and my brother are affected. So when I saw a link to this colorblindness test online, and I decided to check it out. 

When you first arrive at the website, here's what you'll find:
You are instructed to drag and drop the colors in hue order. The first few moves were pretty simple for me, but they became increasingly difficult as time went on.

Here are my results; I scored a 16. Not great, but not awful!

This was my favorite part! The program finally shows you where you had the biggest problems differentiating colors. Mine were in the teal-blue-purple-pink colors on the right-hand side of the spectrum. Interesting.

You should check it out! It doesn't take too long and it's really interesting! 

Here's the link again: Colorblindness test.

Thankful for all the beautiful colors,

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