Thursday, May 31, 2012

#6: Done! And Delicious.

If you didn't see my post on the 15 things I'd like to do before summer sizzles out, you can check it out here. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself--I've already crossed five things off my list in the past three weeks! But this post is about just one: Bake something off Pinterest.

So here's the recap.

#6: Bake something off Pinterest...

First, I baked a pan of "Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars" from this recipe I found on Pinterest. It's super easy, and super delicious! (The bars were gone in hours!) Basically, I layered cookie dough, Oreo's and brownie mix and baked it for a while. I have to say, the bars were a bit too sweet even for me, but the rest of the family loved them! I think next time I would make my own cookie dough sans sugar to dull down the sweetness a touch.

Here are the ingredients--easy, right?

After being baked!

All cut up and dusted with powdered sugar :)

And, because I'm an overachiever, I made a second treat off of Pinterest. This one was simple, and super, super, super delicious! It only takes a couple of minutes to put together, and six minutes to bake. It's a banana-chocolate-chip-marshmallow boat. Yum. I followed the recipe exactly, except that I uncovered the banana boat and set the oven to broil for a minute after it baked for five. This toasted the marshmallows. Yum-O!

I will definitely be making this treat again! It's perfect as an afternoon snack or for dessert.

Everyone should bake some goodies off Pinterest this summer--they're too yummy to pass up!

Happy baking, 

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  1. yum yum & yum! really wish I was there for this one
    love ya


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