Friday, May 11, 2012

Really? Another Blog?

Oh yes. Another one. And here's why...

I was on Skype with my boyfriend, John, after I got back from my week-long trip to Greece. Being the great boyfriend that he is, he was asking me what I did during the week and how the trip went. I gave him a very brief overview--but a few "awesomes," "greats," and "funs," were really all he got. So he said,

"Do me a favor. Can you blog about Greece so I really know what you did?"

I started laughing, thinking how ridiculous it was that my own boyfriend has to read my blog to know what I did in Greece. But it's true. I express myself much better through writing. Not only that, but I love it.

Now with my semester wrapping up, my Spain blog is at the end of its internet lifespan. It's time for a fresh start! So, this blog is a place to "dump" whatever I'm thinking, feeling, eating, creating, laughing at, watching, or doing.

I just love a fresh start,

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